Dance Class Pricing

Dance Class Pricing

Affordable dance classes for all ages.


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2018-19 Class pricing

1 Class (per week)(45min) $68.00 per month

1 Class (per week)(1-hr.) $80.00 per month

2 Classes (per week)       $110 per month

3 Classes (per week)       $150 per month

4 Classes (per week)       $180 per month

5 Classes (per week)       $195 per month

*All fees are per student

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Dance Season Calendar:

Fall/Spring 2016-2017 begins August 22nd.  "4 the Love of Dance," follows the Frisco ISD school schedule.  We will be closed for all major holidays.



September 5th Labor Day

November 21st-26th Thanksgiving

December 19th-31st Christmas Break

March 6th-11th Spring Break

May 27th-29th Memorial Day



Although 4 the Love of Dance will follow Frisco ISD for most inclement weather closings, there may be days where the weather clears or gets worse and we will make a decision based on local forecasts and other business closings.  Updates to you regarding bad weather days may be made via our website, and email.



Registration Fee:

 A $30 registration fee is required per dancer. Each additional sibling is $20. Tuition is based on the "dance season", and may be paid in monthly installments, by semester, or by year.


5% discount will be given if paid by semester,

10% discount if paid by the year.


These fees are non-refundable and help defray the cost of studio administration, management, instruction, and insurance.


Sibling Discount

2nd child enrolled will receive a $10 off tuition.

3rd child enrolled will receive $20 off  tuition.

4+ child enrolled will receive $30 off tuition.


Private lessons

30 min./$50, 60 min./$75  (must be scheduled in advance)


Open Studio Time

30min./$10,  45min./$15,  60min./$20



Dress Code:

Proper attire and shoes are required for all dancers at "4 the Love of Dance".  The dress code allows more freedom of movement, ensures safety in the studio, and instructors are better able to correct alignment and muscle use. The dress code allows dancers to focus on learning and having fun! Please know that dancers who do not follow the dress code may be asked to observe class.


Leotards and tights are the best!! They are meant to be form-fitting and easy to dance in. Please make sure all dancers are wearing appropriate attire at all times while in the studio.    No extra jewelry (small earrings only). No mid-drifts showing during any class.


Costumes will follow the same rules as class dress codes.


For more details about your specific class please call or email the studio.



‚ÄčTuition Payments:

Tuition is paid monthly from September through our year-end recital. Tuition is paid to hold a student's place in a class or classes, and must be paid regardless of the student's attendance each month. Some months will have five weeks of class while others have less; however, monthly tuition will remain the same. Tuition has been determined for the entire studio year and divided into monthly payments. Please remember you will not be sent a statement.  Tuition is due on the first of each month and considered past due if not paid by close of business on the 3rd of the month.


A $20 late fee per student will automatically be billed to all late accounts on the 6th of each month. If tuition becomes two months delinquent students are subject to removal from classes.


Payments accepted:

Cash, check, or credit card processed through our secure payment processing system.


Auto-draft Payment:

Credit cards on file will be charged tuition on the 3rd of each month unless other form of payment is brought in before the 3rd of the month.


A $35 fee will be charged for returned checks.



Make-up Classes:

If a dancer has to miss a class between September-March we will do our best to schedule a time for them to make up a class.  As we get closer to recital please do your best to make each class as the students are working hard on perfecting their recital dances!




Students will learn a different recital routine for each class they are enrolled in; students in multiple classes are encouraged to participate in the performance of each of their classes. There is a different costume associated with each class. Children will be measured for their costumes in December and Costumes are ordered in January.




All Costumes Cost $85 each

Costume fees are due by January 10th.

Prices include costume, accessories, and one pair of tights in color needed.

*If you drop out of the recital but remain in class, you will receive your costume when they are given out.


No refunds will be made once costumes are ordered.

*Costumes will be ordered mid-January to ensure delivery in time for the dance recital.

 *Costumes will be handed out as we receive them.

If you paid for a costume and then your child dropped out of class, you may pick up your costume after May 15th.

All costumes not picked up by the end of June will become the property of "4 the Love of Dance".


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